About Sue Pascoe

Sue Pascoe combines a highly successful business career as a chartered accountant and management consultant with extensive life experiences and a focus on seeing our society, communities and organisations become more inclusive. She also happens to be a woman with a trans past.

Sue is 59 and has two lovely sons. She lives in North Yorkshire, has an understanding of the rural way of life but has worked and lived in Leeds and London and understands the urban way of life too.

She has an appeal to people with liberal views of society, people who Identity as LGBT and younger people who find her personal story inspiring or who empathise with a focus on inclusion for all people.

At the same time she holds traditional conservative views on personal freedom, opportunity and enterprise, sovereignty, our laws and fiscal management.

Her core beliefs are focused on seeing that:-

• We help people succeed on merit

• We see communities prosper not just in standard of living but in standard of life too

• We give equality and equity of opportunity to all

Having worked with Channel4 helping them become a more Creative Inclusive Organisation she is now a general council member of LGBT+ Conservatives and sits on the party’s working group for better engagement with minorities.

Sue worked her way up and out of a very difficult deprived background to get to the top of her profession. She then gave that all up to become Sue, her true self. This took her back to the bottom of society. Today she has found the preciousness of being authentic with herself and the world around her and the joy of helping others succeed.

She sees herself as a British Global Citizen. She thinks we should have confidence in ourselves and our great country. She believes in a Britain of enterprise and inclusion where rights are respected, people are treated with dignity and we collaborate with others to see our people and communities prosper.

Sue stands for People, Prosperity and Equality.