Protecting Ourselves Online

Stop press:- Update your WhatsApp following significant security breach

Technology has the power to change our everyday lives, our economy and our communities for the better. It can only do this sustainably when digital security and enforcement is in place for its widespread use in our society. 

Unfortunately online fraud and cybercrime has sadly become a fact of everyday life. The ‘Which’ organisation reports that 96% of cases reported to Action Fraud go unsolved.

Not enough is being done at either National or EU level to combat this issue or track down perpetrators.

I welcome that North Yorkshire Police has launched a Fraud Awareness page on Facebook.

“The page has been created to serve the residents of North Yorkshire to promote awareness for frauds and scams happening in their area. 

The page is named as North Yorkshire Police Fraud Awareness which will be in the results of a search. It is staffed by Fraud Ambassadors from each local policing teams. There will be advice and safeguarding information posted on a regular basis as well as events happening in your area. 
It is open to everyone with a Facebook account but will not be replacing any messaging system already in place.”

You can also report and get advice about fraud or cyber crime by calling

0300 123 2040

Good initiative by the government on protecting the internet of things.