Social Mobility

I passionately believe we should work towards a society where all people from all backgrounds and cultures have equality and equity of opportunity to succeed on merit in life with the vulnerable treated with compassion, respect and dignity.

I believe in one nation. I will work towards seeing our society become more open and inclusive by empowering and promoting the social, economic, and political inclusion of all.

Getting rid of ‘class’ is one step towards a more inclusive society.

The reality is the term ‘Working class’ is a derogatory and demeaning term used by the privileged to make others ‘beneath’ them or used by some to weaponise political ‘class’ struggle.

The British dream of fair play, tolerance and opportunity is one of hope and aspiration I fully support.

I welcome the publication of the latest report by the social mobility commission. I am extremely disappointed that it perpetuates the notion of ‘class’.

Let’s not forget that social mobility starts with the way we are treated as children. Childhood trauma, abuse and hatred stay with you for life. We must do all we can to make it socially unacceptable to abuse children no matter their gender, race, religion, social or cultural background, orientation or identity.