I see myself as a British Global Citizen. I think we should have confidence in ourselves and our great country. In any scenario we need to face the world not just Europe. We need to compete globally and remain a stable prosperous country.

The uncertainty over our future needs to come to an end so we can step forward again positively. 

We need desperately to begin bringing our society back together not dividing people further.

I believe that there has always been a positive rationale to leave or remain in the EU but in either scenario we need to collaborate very closely together with the EU countries as we must also with the rising economies of the rest of the world. I respect everyone whether they voted remain, leave or didn’t vote.

I am passionate about democracy and following the democratic will of the people. This means working hard to represent the people of Yorkshire and the Humber for the period we remain in the EU. I do not believe we should pay monies to the EU or be subject to its laws and regulations without representation.

Should we stay in the EU I do not believe it is in our nations interests to be part of a European Superstate. I would wish to see our Centre Right alliances across Europe come to the fore. I believe in a Britain of enterprise and inclusion where rights are respected, people are treated with dignity and we collaborate with others to see our people and communities prosper.


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